Golden State Killer

So, after 20 years of not knowing who the Golden State Killer was – we finally have answers. In 2018 DNA testing put a name and a face to the series of burglaries, rapes and murders across California in the 70’s and 80’s – ex cop Joseph DeAngelo.
Now the work could begin.Even here in the UK, it was big news when Joseph DeAngelo finally pleaded guilty to 13 charges of first-degree murder and special circumstances (which was a murder committed during a burglary and rapes), as well as 13 counts of kidnapping would now spend the rest of his life in prison.Now I wanted to do this post a little different to the others I have done. I didn’t want to focus on the killer and what they did or how they did it. I didn’t want to focus on what made someone do a horrible act.This time, I want to focus on the victims and the survivors. I want to share their names with you because they deserve to be remembered as people and not as someone that was raped or murdered by this S.O.B. I want to mentio…

My US Top 6 Serial Killers

I am using poster images I have found through google I do not own any rights and am using the image purely for future review purposes (Fair use under the copyright act sections 29 and 30 under use for a review).So this might be a bit of a strange one, but I thought I’d share with you my top 6 US serial killers.Now I want to clarify what I mean by top 6. These are the serial killers that I heard about first and that sparked my interest in true crime. Like every other true crime “fan” – I don’t condone what these vile piece-of-shits did and I believe they got what they deserved in the end, but the idea that a human is capable of doing this to another is what interests me.These killers will be getting their own post in the future but for now they can be together.Also, it’s a top 6 not a top 5 because I couldn't decide. So with that said, here’s my top 6:
1. Ted Bundy. Everyone knows what he did, but for a quick recap: He was a serial killer and rapist who killed at least 28 women betw…

Darya Saltykova

I’m so sorry peoples, I took an unplanned hiatus which then lasted longer than it should of. But I’m back and ready to get back into this. So, I thought I’d start with the horrible tale from Russia – the Countess Darya Saltykova. 
So Darya Saltykova was born in 1730 into the Russian nobility and as far as anyone could tell there wasn’t anything special about her. She was just like every other Russian noble woman. However, she would go on to murder at least 138 at her estate in Moscow. So maybe not.
When she was young, she married Gleb Saltykov and had two sons – Theodore and Nicholas. During her marriage to Gleb, people said that Darya was a pious woman who was a little gloomy at times. She was known to donate money to churches and monasteries, like the good noble she was. Though when she was just 26, Gleb died leaving Darya the wealthiest widow in Moscow. She inherited two properties – a property in Moscow and an estate near Moscow called Troitskoe. She movedinto Troitskoe with her two…

Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum

With over 50,00 deaths throughout its history, it’s no wonder that the Trans-Allegheny Asylum is haunted.
I would like to say now that any derogatory words used in this post are what were used at the time and only used for historical significance. They are in no way what I would use. Anyway… on with the post. :) :)
Construction began in 1858 and it was completed in 1881 but during this time patients were still admitted. The main building is the largest hand-cut stone masonry in the US and the second in the world, with the Kremlin coming in first. Originally construction was done by prison inmates – a local newspaper in the November that construction started noted “seven convict negroes” as the first to start working on the Asylum.
In June 1861, the 7th Ohio Infantry came to the town on behalf of the government and ‘stole’ $27,000 worth of gold coins (which is roughly $500,000 today). This money was to be used to build Trans-Allegheny but because of the Civil War the government needed it …

The White Witch of Rose Hall

Rose Hall was built in the 1770 and still stands to this day and when it was first built as was a sugar plantation. One of the largest on the island with over 2000 slaves working at one point in its history.

Now known as Rose Hall Great House in Montego Bay, Jamaica it is now considered one of the most haunted houses in the western hemisphere. With such a notorious reputation that Johnny Cash, American singer and songwriter, wrote a song immortalising Annie Palmer.
Annie Patterson was born in 1802 and had a rough start to life. When she was 10 years old she lost both of her parents to yellow fever. While living with her nanny, it said that this was the time that she apparently learned witchcraft and voodoo, because her nanny was supposedly a voodoo priestess. Now it could have been fate or Annie’s voodoo skills but hen she was 18 years old she crossed paths with John Palmer (the owner of the plantation). John whisked Annie away from Haiti to Jamaica and married her. It’s been said that …

Loftus Hall

Shall we play cards Satan? Not a question anyone should ask but this is what happened at Loftus Hall.

Originally called Houseland Castle and built in 1170, it was rebuilt in 1350 and then again in 1870-ish by John Henry Loftus. This is when it was renamed Loftus Hall. He wanted to make it this grand house –so grand Queen Victoria herself would want to visit when she came to Ireland (spoiler – she didn’t visit). He integrated the original Hall into the mansion that stands today.
Everything that has happened started with one event, so our story begins in the mid-1600s with the untimely death of Anne Tottenham. Anne lived at Loftus Hall with her father, step-mother and siblings. On a stormy night, a stranger made his way up to the Hall and asked to take shelter within its walls. This was normal apparently, as it was the closest shelter to the docks.
This particular stranger stayed for several weeks and during this time Anne fell in love. Like head over heels, puppy dogs and rainbows in love…

H H Holmes part 2

Aaaaand we’re back! Here’s the second part of the H.H.Holmes story. This is the part where we focus on the hotel and the strange goings-on that went on. So, like I stated in the previous post, Holmes began building the hotel in 1887, while he was still scamming and murdering his way around America and Canada.
During the construction of the hotel, Holmes was accused of not paying for the labour and equipment. Not surprising really. It was said that he would fire builders' mid-job so they didn’t know the full extent of the building layout. The building had three floors and a basement – all of them had there uses. The first floor housed the pharmacy, jewellers and a general store. The third floor housed Holmes’ apartment and office. The second floor and basement were the locations for all the wrong stuff that he did. 
We’ll start on the second floor, purely because everything leads to the basement at one stage or another. So, on this floor, there were laundry chutes but they weren’t us…